How To Keep Your Sunroom Cool In Summer

Sunrooms are the ideal spaces to lounge in the sun while reading a book or sipping a cool drink. You can rely on professional agencies to help you out with it. Of course, before doing that, you may have some concerns. A primary one being, will it get too hot and stuffy in humid summer months? Well, not if you apply these tips to keep your gorgeous sunroom cool.

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Install Blinds

At first glance, this tip may seem counterintuitive to the original purpose of a sunroom. However, in hot summers, they tend to be a practical solution. Both traditional blinds and shades help deflect the heat outside, maintaining a cool temperature inside the sunroom. Not to mention, they also help add a bit of privacy to your space.

Install A Fan

Some sunrooms come with a ceiling fan, and running these can help in much-needed air circulation. Combine these with drawn blinds, and you get a chill and cozy space for lounging. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, you can always make use of a portable fan.

Fans at the bottom of a sunroom can aid natural air circulation as they help blow the air upwards.

Tint Or Insulate Windows

You can keep your sunroom cool in summer and warm in winter by installing insulated windows. Or you may prefer to tint the windows to keep out excess heat. However, the one downside to the latter is it blocks some sunlight, which is the purpose of having a sunroom.

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Install A Zoned System

A ductless mini-split is the next best option for those who don’t want to extend their existing HVAC system. With this, you can control the temperature of your sunroom effectively. Since it is separate from the rest of your home, you save money when you do not use the sunroom.

There you have it! With these simple tips, you can effectively keep your sunroom cool during the summer months. Besides, all of these are cost-effective solutions too.